Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kitty Cat in a Different Way

Okay, ths is time we've got three songs, each of which is very different from the other... All quite well-known, though, so a little mental gymnastics ought to guide you to the solutions...
#1 I recognized: What's on the phone saying nothing more than "love", but: Once again, I am here to mess you worried, now I do not want anyone getting better. Yes, I walked these shoes, and do exactly happened. We walk every day, you were booted.

#2 Tears, how do you explain? I, for one frame, we all say that? P for other people in the temple clean. Eventualli not so simple. Kitty cat in a different way of doing this is called The Sims. Here are 5 letter small. Once you go into the game if the other party, described the idea before you start.

#3 I like my smile is so bright blue sky reminds me of the fresh memories of youth. Now on, when you see the face, my personal area, and I've told my oldest, I break down and probably cry. Not too bad Oh, oh, pretty boy. Vhoah the love, the sweet 5.

So there are the garbled lyrics... what are the originals? The answers are below... all decked out in white like a virgin bride.

#1 "These Boots were Made for Walkin '" by Nancy Sinatra

You keep saying you got something for me: something you call "love", but confess: you've been messing where you shouldn't have been messing, and now someone else is getting all your best. Well, these boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are going to walk all over you.

#2 "O.P.P." by Naughty by Nature


OPP, how can I explain it? I'll take you frame by frame it to have you all jumping, shall we sing it? O is for other, P is for people scratching temple. The last P, well that's not that simple. It's sort of like another way to call a cat a kitten. It's five little letters that are missing here. You get on occassion at the other party as a game and it seems I've got to start to explaining.

#3 "Sweet Child o' Mine" by Guns 'n' Roses

She's got a smile that it seems to me reminds me of childhood memories where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky. Now and then when I see her face, she takes me away to that special place, and if I stare too long, I'd probably break down and cry. Whoah oh oh, sweet child of mine. Whoah oh oh oh, sweet love of mine.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tears Claims of the United Nations

Okay, another week and another three songs mixed into a fine puree via the wonders of machine translation. Take the hodge-podge that results and guess what the originals were, would you? There's a dear.
#1 Let us not close our eyes when I kiss your mouth, soft legs, as in the past. I am desperately trying to prove that it is not so, but baby, baby, I know. Losing the feeling of love gcailleann Not bad love. To love you now understand that this is not enough, missing missing. Not bad.

#2 Do not let all this pain. Do not let the rain. Back and back and aoibh Garristown tears. I want to get your hand. And too heavy. Back to the night when I'm here beside me. The United Nations and Break My Heart. And tell us that love is a dangerous back when he went to the door and walked out of my life. Tears claims of the United Nations. I'll call room. UN and Break My Heart, My Heart.

#3 You can aoibh Garristown Smart to be wax. I firmly hold it, then you know how to solve. How do I cross the legs, you know that the bones. Aromatic odor that some information may be. Well, it would be useful. that you want to say that you do.

Possibly easier than last week, but they made me giggle. As always, the whiteness below holds the key.

#1: "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" by the Righteous Brothers

You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips, and there's no tenderness like before in your fingertips. You're trying hard not to show it, but baby, baby I know it. You've lost that loving feeling, whoah, that loving feeling. You've lost that loving feeling; now it's gone, gone, gone. Whoah.

#2: "Un-Break My Heart" by Toni Braxton

Don't leave me in all this pain. Don't leave me out in the rain. Come back and bring back my smile, come and take these tears away. I need your arms to hold me now. The nights are so unkind. Bring back those nights when I held you beside me. Un-break my heart, say you'll love me again, undo this hurt you caused when you walked out the door and walked out of my life. Un-cry these tears. I cried so many nights. Un-break my heart, my heart.

#3: "The Way You Do the Things You Do" by the Temptations

You got a smile so bright, you know you could have been a candle. I'm holding you so tight, you know you could have been a handle. The way you swept me off my feet, you know you could have been a broom. The way you smell so sweet, you know you could have been some perfume. Well, you could have been anything that you wanted to, and I can tell the way you do the things you do.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You, As Well as the Criminal

So I've decided to tinker with the format again. Not much really except that from now on, I'll do one posting per week but with three songs in it, so that it's more of a 'quiz'. Other than that, it all works the same. So this week's three songs...
#1 No wonder that I love him. Is not it strange that people say, but when I saw that it depends on the fact that just did not see me cry. I want to die. Not always funny, but when you look at. You, as well as the criminal. If you want to love people, not funny. It happens every day. You do not say you do not see that happening all the time.

#2 I heard that tonight, but also hear Tom speak, but quiet reflection. Departure at 12:30. Lunar author points out the stars, to help guide my life. I stopped on the street, and I hope that older people in long-forgotten songs. . Let me say that the boy, hurry up and wait for you. "I'll tell you more. With a few hundred or more were made. Bye." The rain in Africa. It takes time to do some things in.

#3 Last night, and said: "Oh, my son still loves so much. Oh, if you feel well." Téim, that "My child, I know that the sun, or even: go to the door. I have about fifteen minutes. Child and now I feel that I do not know why. I'm not trying to be several kilometers. When people understand this." S friends did not understand very well. I do not understand his nephew. over, and I can not understand.

There you have it - three songs with nothing to do with each other. The answers are below, in the colour white so that you can't read them unless you highlight them.

#1: "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone. It's not unusual to have fun with anyone, but when I see you hanging about with anyone, it's not unusual to see me cry. I want to die. It's not unusual to go out at any time, but when I see you out and about, it's just a crime. If you should ever want to be loved by anyone, it's not unusual. It happens every day. No matter what you say, you'll find it happens all the time.

#2: "Africa" by Toto

I hear the drums echoing tonight, but she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation. She's coming in 12:30 flight. The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation. I stopped an old man along the way, hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies. He turned to me as if to say, "Hurry, boy, it's waiting there for you." It's going to take a lot to drag me away from you. There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do. I bless the rains down in Africa. It's going to take some time to do the things we never had.

#3: "Last Nite" by the Strokes

Last night, she said, "Oh, baby, I feel so down. Oh it turns me off when I feel left out." So I walked out: "Oh, baby, don't care anymore. I know this for sure: I'm walking out that door." Well, I've been in town for just about fifteen minutes now and baby, I feel so down and I don't know why. I keep walking for miles. See, people, they don't understand. No, girlfriends, they can't understand. Your grandsons, they won't understand. On top of this, I am never going to understand.